The Orrery Pendant

Tribute to 'Earth, Wind & Fire'
Soul, Funk's finest.
Ralph Johnson and Peter
Ralph Johnson (EW&F) & Peter in Munich, germany 03/10/08
Egyptian and other Symbols
in 18 Karat solid Gold and Sterling Silver!
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Unless otherwise requested, all pendants come with
1m / 40" tied leather strap without clasp!

001PK- "Jupiter" pendant
002PK- "Jupiter" with 34 full-cut diamonds
003PK- Small "Ankh" pendant
004PK- Large "Ankh" pendant
005PK- Earring with small "Ankh"
006PK- Triangle pendant
007PK- "Eye Of Horus" pendant

008PK- Cable neck chain with heavy clasp
009PK- Leather strap with heavy clasp or bayonet catch in silver or gold
010PK- Caoutchouc strap with bayonet catch or heavy clasp in silver or gold

The Elements Of The Universe
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012PK- Triangle pendant in sterling silver with agate gemstones
013PK- Triangle pendant in 18k gold with emerald, sapphire & ruby
014PK- Triangle pendant in sterling silver

Jupiter Sign Ring
Jupiter Sign Ring in Sterling Silver
with 18k gold Jupiter sign on mother of pearl.

Peter and Maurice White
founder of supergroup Earth, Wind & Fire
wearing the Jupiter Sign Ring.

"This is fantastic craftmanship. Some of the best that I've seen travelling all over the planet. Check it out for yourself. There are many varieties. I'm sure you will find something that appropriate your taste." Maurice White 03/21/2003

Earring with Emerald, Sapphire & Ruby
Made to Order
Earring in 18k gold with
Emerald (Earth),
Sapphire (Wind)
& Ruby (Fire)

Made to Order
Pendant in 18k gold with
Diamond, Emerald (Earth),
Sapphire (Wind)
& Ruby (Fire)